Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Diary of a Wimpy kid 3 (Dog days)

I went to go see Diary of a Wimpy kid 3 with my best friend (BFF) and sister (Meme) on Thursday. We were laughing but Mummy wasn't. We ate Cheese balls, Frozen coke and a little freddo each. I know that sounds junky but we all did martial arts afterwards (except mummy).

Spoiler Alert
What I liked about the movie:  When he jumped off the diving board and his pants came off. I also liked it when the troop leader told the story about the hand and when the brother pretended to drown so the girl could save him but then a man saved him.

What I didn't like about the movie: When they went on the scary rides and the Sweet 16 party.

Here are all of our score's:

BFF's score: 9.5/10
Meme's score: 8/10
Mummy's score: 3/10
My score: 6.5/10

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