Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: The Secret of the wings

Secret of the Wings is a Tinker Bell movie which is made by Disney.  I watched it yesterday with my Daddy.  Funnily enough, Daddy really liked it.  Mummy was not there because she was too busy cleaning the house (what a good mummy!).

Spoiler alert
The good bits: When we found out they were sisters ( Peri Winkle and Tinker Bell)

The bad bits: When we thought the tree was going to run out of Pixie dust.

Our scores:
Daddy's score:9/10
Meme's score:9/10
My score:9.5/10


  1. That movie looks good, do you think Amity would like it?

    K xx

    P.S. She is a good Mummy.

  2. I wish I went to the movie instead of cleaning the house. House cleaning isn't fun at all.

    Love, Mummy x

    PS: Maybe you should stop messy up the house :)

  3. That movie sounds like fun i like Tinkerbell too and i am a new follower your blog looks great