Saturday, June 1, 2013

Star Treck!

I am sorry that I hadn't written on this blog for... 8 MONTHS!  It was because my family and I were very busy.

The last movie we saw was Star Treck (which is Not for children that are my age) Although there was not much blood splashing at the screen.

Spoiler Alert:

In the movie my favourite part was when the (whats-his-name) got his arm stuck in the tube that had a 300 year old person inside it, AWESOME! It was pretty scary when the other (whats-his-name ) almost died in a room from the heat, well he did die but then he came back to life from the tubey-time-thingy-ma-bob that had the 300 year old man in it, ALSO AWESOME!

I would give the movie an 8/10 (also because I am a kid, which is VERY brave)

P.S. It was rated M

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